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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photo by Happosai taken in July!


As a rollingstock researcher I was very interested in Happ's piccies the other day of PNR rollingstock being violated by scrappers torches, missing their chances at preservation.
The question now arises as to which they were.As of June, when I was there, the following 7A types still existed.
It is believed that 7A members were the basis of this violation, which is surprising as the CMC/CTC were next in line (unless of course all these have already been done).
In coming days I shall be narrowing the list of suspects - if anyone else can help, please email me.
UPDATED 27-07-2009 (11.53, 12.25, 12.36, 13.49)
2001 - Believed to be one of the current scrappings!
2002 - Likely being scrapped.
2004 - AR Caloocan.
2005 - Believed to be one of the current scrappings!
2006 - In service
2007 - In service
2008 - In service
2009 - In service
2012 - AR Caloocan
2013 - AR Caloocan
2014 - In service
2015 - In service
2016 - In service
2017 - Believed slated for repair at Manila.
2018 - AR Caloocan
2019 - In service
2020 - Likely being scrapped.
2022 - AR Caloocan
2023 - AR Caloocan
2024 - AR Caloocan
2025 - In service
2026 - Likely being scrapped.
2027 - Believed scrapped in July before inaugeration.
2028 - AR Caloocan
2029 - In service
2030 - Believed slated for repair at Tayuman.


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