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Tuesday, February 11, 2014



  I am not going to go in depth here, I have already written a multi part article on the anniversary that will appear on one of our sites, or if PNR employed perhaps in your letterbox, shortly.
  My involvement with the Philippines has been a rollercoaster over the years. While I love the place, there has been a lot of pain endured, especially from selfish foreigners who feel they stake a claim on the hobby there.

They nearly, very NEARLY won that battle, but that hatred only served to make me stronger and now that strength, along with realizing this milestone has arrived, has given me a renewed passion for the Philippine railways that they once tried to diminish.

  Part of the celebrations for this event include a brief article covering the years since 1999, the trials and the achievements, also the reopening of this PRHS Blogsite.
  Today the PRHS again reverts to its mostly internet existence following the failure to launch a preservation group in the country, however our missions of promoting the railfan interest, and now the model railway interest, remains the same.
  We eagerly await the next 15 years, but for now, we celebrate with all our friends, both railfan and Philippine railway industry, the last 15 years of personal passion for your wonderful country.