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Monday, January 28, 2008

RDO-204 'Update'

Further to our piece on RDO-204, local photographer Jess informs me that the vehicle still exists in Hondagua.

Am unsure if the railway society has made any enquiries about it yet. Hopefully some steps have been taken to ensure survival of this interesting vehicle while the line is closed and subsequently rebuilt. Its loss would be very regretable.

PHOTO: Taken by local photographer 'Jess'.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

MRT Overcrowding!


Overcrowding on the rail service along EDSA is currently recieving much discussion, as is ways in which it can be relieved.
Excessive growth of passengers over the years has far exceeded what the MRT can reasonably cope with, especially in peak period times.
Even in 'more quiet' periods of the day these vehicles can be packed to the rafters with locals.
I was recently forced to be crammed into a full train around 12pm, crushed in between about eight beautiful Pinays who seemed to be headed for their lunch break.
Not that this was not a truly enjoyable experience! Hmmmm indeed, perhaps they should leave the overcrowding issues for us derelict old Aussies with an appreciation for the Pinay beauty :-)


*** Photo: Comes from http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j74/ryucloud/IMG_0381.jpg and was not one of mine, or that of a SIG member.



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Interesting Find! RDO-204

Until today I was unaware of the existence of this carriage. Seems to be a former 'Observation Car' converted for departmental use.
From what I can ascertain, the carriage was photographed at Hondagua, Quezon. No date for the photo is given but it was uploaded late last year.
Certainly a VERY important preservation for the R&IHS and something they need to look into ASAP given that it is now isolated on the closed line to Bicol and open to pilfering. Heres hoping they can secure this one before its to late.

Can anyone give any historical information on this carriage? Was it ever used for passenger haulage and what on, where did it originate, or was it build new for the Philippines.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Squatter Removal.

In a bit of news that would not be a positive sign to all with an interest, reports are coming in of a vast reduction in the rate the squatters are being cleared from railway tracks in Manila.
It has been described by locals as being as slow as one shanty per week for the multi-story concrete ones.
This is all far removed from efforts last year that, until about October, was wiping out illegal lineside communities faster than a tornado wipes out cane crops. Earlier reports by PNR staff that the trains would cease in November for track rebuilding also have come to nothing.
It would be reasonable to assume that Gloria's aim for a 'Linkage Project' completion in 12 months is now an unrealistic possibility.


Random Piccies 2

Howdee all,

Well I am back again after a rather extended, if you call a week and a half extended, absense from the blog site.

Again I am diving head first into the archives of the 'PhilippineRailways SIG' forum for some gems of interest to our readers. There is much in there that we will gradually bring you between the news and other items.

Anyway here we have a few scans contributed by paulsenknudsen from his collection.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Adobo Break!

Trains Trains Trains!
Can't live on them alone, so occasionally it is nice to have a wander on to other things Philippine.
What is the Philippines to you? Is it the jeepney, the PNR of course, perhaps the food, certainly the beautiful women, the different way of life. Please tell us what the Philippines is to you.
The above photos are three things I often associate my beloved second country with. Unusual delicacies (yes I have had balut), funny signs and of course, the beloved Jeepney.

When ya done checking out the shots, check out the '100 Best Things About Being Filipino' site!

Back to the trains.


Panay Railway #50

G'day all,
I know posts have been a little thin on the ground of late. Been a bit preoccupied with going ons on my other blog sites, especially 'The Semi-Retired Foamer' and have been a tad bollocked since the festive season after endless parties and karaoki nights.
Still one likes to update regularly and felt I would share a little gem from the 'Philippine Railways SIG' contributed by Chris Hart, a fellow Aussie, some years ago.
Taken on the 20th of January 1984 at an unknown location on the Panay system, it shows some fascinating rollingstock that has sadly missed preservation.
I bet #50 had some great tales to tell.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

PNR On YouTube!

In recent times there has been a lot of PNR footage turn up on Youtube, mostly due to the efforts of SIG member Nathan.
These all give a good indication of the railway system in its final months prior to rebuild.

A few are listed below with others coming in future postings. Hope you enjoy his efforts.

Philippine Railways 1

Philippine Railways 8 Ride from Laon Laan to Espana

Philippine Railways 11 Just beyong Vito Cruz

Philippine Railways 13

Philippine Railways 7 Tayuman Yard

Philippine Railways 3

Philippine Railways 5 Demolision work around Espana

Philippine Railways 10 Pandacan bridge to station inc crossing of another service.

T- 5001 prepares to depart Alabang station with service to Tutuban on the 6th of February 2007.
B- A small selection of the maganda (beautiful) passengers you shall be able to share your journey with. These lovelies await the train at Alabang on the same day.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Random Piccie!

Hi guys,
Hope we have all made it safely into 2008.
Came online today to make some sort of first posting for the year. Sadly (well not sadly) a three day party and the recovery from such, has made me a little drowsy and well beyond a state where rational thinking processes are likely to occur.
So lets start the year with a goody from times past taken from the 'Philippine Railway SIG' files section.
This was taken by someone called 'Speeder2' and I believe it is on the long closed north line.