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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

PRHS - Website - Hobby - The Future

Yes, the site has been quiet for a while.

  I have been mulling over the pointlessness of the hobby for a while now, following the last
pointless attack and accusations by a American ex-pat living in Alabang, it has become more readily apparent that the Philippine railway hobby is becoming more of a chore than a real interest.
  It does seem that my often being accredited with the starting of a railway hobby in the Philippines is considered as a threat to those who do not wish to make such an effort themselves. Over the 15 years I have promoted the hobby I have found both locals, foreigners and ex-pats who, for some inexplicable reason, would rather bring hate to the hobby than actually have someone try to push it and do more than they were willing to.
  Even sadder is the fact that many locals wish to follow their lead, making it almost impossible for those actually wanting to further the hobby, to actually make the differences needed.
  I look back on where we were going, and then at where we have gone.
  The splinterization, followed by abandonment of RIHSPI.
  The loss of most of the historical carriages still surviving.
  The railways themselves more in decline since President Gloria, than on any sort of increase.

  What become of the positiveness we held in 2007 when the late William Sullivan, Karel Brouwers and myself decided there should be a society to promote the history of the now rebuilding railways.
  All was going so well, but then jealousy, hate, backstabbing and pettiness revealed their ugly heads and soon enough trouble took over from the grand plan. Nothing but rampant suspicion and bullshit remained in its place.

  The tide was turned on this weekend just past, following 6 months work, a successful weekend of promoting the Maroochy Shire Tramway hobby and a very successful fundraiser for the local museum, followed by, not gossip, backstabbing and hate, but appreciation for the effort driving me on to want to do more.
  So much done in one weekend - imagine what we could have done since 2007 for Philippine preservation had we been allowed to function unrestrictedly. But that was not to be.
RIP - MCBP, 7E, CMC/CTC, 7C and sole 4 wheel tank car.

  Today I thus find myself announcing the demise of two of my Philippine related websites, the PRHS Home page set up to raise money to help Philippine preservation, as well as my 'Manila Downunder' website which covered the activities of my barkada down here in Sydney, back before the group imploded through similar hatred in the community.
  This blog site is under review, while the PRHS Database website is the one that will continue to survive as part of the 'Philippine Railway Historical Society'. The PRHS forums and Facebook sites will continue also, with most of the people seeking to destroy the hobby have since left the group.

  I do thank the many people who have given of themselves to make this hobby great, despite also going through their own rough patches during the years.
  My beloved Filipino friends Roberto, Arvin, Reynante, Brian and Michael who have time and time again proven what true friends they are.
  Plus the awesome Alan Hicks who does so much for so many and Karel Brouwers who went far and above in an effort to save Philippine railway preservation and show forgiveness.

  All you guys will remain close to my heart forever - you are the essence of self giving and promoting of the hobby.

  The downsizing does not mean my leaving the hobby (apologizes Harv), just that I need to aim some effort at raising money and helping projects and hobbies that truly appreciate it.
  My recent censorship on Facebook, then subsequent accusations of doing it myself (what the???) has lead me to realise that the hobby there, in large, does not appreciate and this has been proven by the leaving of so many who once contributed so much.
  While I see the Philippine hobby dying down in the next decade, I am proud to know that I made an achievement in my time there. I shall continue to research, continue to model and continue to help my dear friends in the Philippines, all of whom have shown a love for the country and its railways that is selfless. I AM HONOURED, TRULY HONOURED, TO KNOW YOU.
  I shall also continue to help those in need in the Philippines where possible. The poor, the weather victims, the needy, because this is something that needs to be done. Something I doubt my detractors, who care more for themselves than the country, would ever consider doing.

  Anyone wanting stuff from this site, and the two that are closing down, should do so now. I am unsure how long they will remain viewable.

  Lets all pray for better times for the Philippines and a time when everyone can work together and trust each other, so we can achieve so much.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yeah it is hard to believe, but even after all this time of peace and constructive work, there are still those out there who, for whatever reason, are anti foreign involvement.
It has long been our policy to make these attacks available to the public as we have nothing to hide. Its a policy that has drawn huge negative comment from those with the most to hide.
A report coming shortly.

Monday, May 27, 2013

~~ PROJECT 5010 ~~

Work on our prototype has been revolving around the air compressor box (thanks Reynante) and has reached completion.
This weekends PRHS/SMUT Modellers night will be mostly based on finalising the joining of the new cab front and starting on the window grills (an interesting mix of plastic weld and super glue required).
If time permits, a good look at detail shots of 5000 class for any other items that may be required.

  If you are interested in modelling the Philippines, please come and join our Philippine Modelling group on Yahoogroups.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

  Work continues on a prototype 5000 class in HO scale (see photo below) which I am hoping will lead to a personal collection of around 4-5 units.
  The thought of a commercially available one is still being mulled, however we are in the final stages of working on a kit for the CMC/CTC type railcars (later loco hauled)
stock. Once sorted out, the roof will also be attended to.
  These kits we hope will be a good basis for anyone wishing to model PNR in HO (or indeed 12mm).

  For anyone interested in modelling the railways of the Philippines, or even the other transport modes, scenery, structures etc, we invite you to join us at the