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Monday, February 23, 2009

~~~ YouTube PNR ~~~

A selection of recent YouTube videos covering restoration of the PNR.

The second one includes a 5000 class passing with four 7As.

Monday, February 16, 2009


The 'Philippine Railways SIG' has grown over the years into many different websites and forums.

The problem is there is no easy one stop website for accessing all that there is to offer, so many people know of some part, but not of the rest.

While our primary interest is still prototype railways, we have extended in some areas to cover other transport topics and even modelling things in the Philippines.

To solve this problem it is planned to have one primary site that is advertised everwhere, this will give railway information formerly contained on the old Geocities website and will be a portal to ALL the Philippine related websites and forums that are run by the 'Philippine Railways SIG'.

This blog will remain unchanged for those who are mainly interested in me bollocking on endlessly.


Sometimes it seems almost impossible to find photographs of trains on the Carmona branch. Not surprising really with only two trains a day that do not lend themselves to a easy return trip to Manila in he same day.

This absolutely awesome shot appeared on Skyscraper City and was apparently taken by Lindsay Bridge (an Australian I imagine as his Flickr site has some great old shots from here).

Today the line has had its service suspended (reportedly due to typhoon damage), the yard has become very overgrown and the station deteriorated, while CMC-375 has faired the worst, having since been scrapped.

I would certainly be interested in any other Carmona line shots people may be able to contribute.