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Thursday, December 20, 2018


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Friday, December 7, 2018

Celebrating 20 Great Years
Of The PRHS.
Another look at PNR's heavy haulers, the 900 class.
Both a beautiful looking locomotive, and an amazingly reliable one given the conditions they sometimes find themselves in.

919 thought to be the last operational locomotive to wear the 'Philippine 2000' livery.

My first visit to one of my favourite locations.
Tayuman Locomotive Shed.
921 and 916 still exist and are operational. The later was originally numbered 908.
904 would later carry the 908 number.

917 at the original Alabang station.
It was later replaced by a new station on the other side of the level crossing just visible in the background.
Ones asawa, and her cousin, are seen standing in the middle of the perway.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Celebrating 20 Great Years
Of The PRHS.

It is hard to believe I have been running this for 20 years.
There has been many ups and downs, people good and repugnant, but as we move into this very important milestone we find ourselves not only going strong but bigger than ever before.
  The blog has been rather quiet in recent times, however, I find my interest returning after taking a large beating earlier this decade. To mark both the anniversary and this return, we will be taking a look back at the last 20 years.

As part of the 20th anniversary, we have published a special full-colour special issue of 'Along Da Riles' that will be distributed to rail operators, as well as those fans who have done so much to help me over the years.
  I am hesitant to mention them all here as I am sure I will miss many people.

Of course there are my close mates Rey, Arvin, Mark and Aris who constantly make it easier for me to keep up, despite being a few thousand kilometres away.
  Then there are all the wonderful contributors to our 'Philippine Railway Historical Society' group. Far too many to mention here, but we are lucky to have some of the countries best rail historians amongst us.
Finally, a HUGE thank you to the managers and employees of the 'Philippine National Railways' who have patiently put up with my love of what they do. I have always said that PNR had great days ahead and, thanks to the amazing efforts of Sir Jun Magno, those days are finally being realised.

Stay tuned during our 20th anniversary year
as we look back on the last 20 years.


Two locomotives that have disappeared over the last 20 years.

903 had finished her days as an operational unit when I first arrived in 1999.
By the time I returned in 2004, she had been taken to Caloocan to be stripped and, subsequently, scrapped.
  Her demise left only 908 (formerly 904) above and 902 as the only Mk1 U15C locomotives in the fleet.
  Time was running out for 908 though, she was also in Caloocan by 2004 and being stripped. She managed to survive until around the end of the decade before her last remains were scrapped. Before the final chop, her cab was removed and I am told utilized on another locomotive.
As for the last survivor, 902. She is the subject of the PRHS logo and still exists today. She was out of service for work in May during my most recent visit. However, she is receiving some much needed TLC and will again serve the nation, as she has done since 1973.

Brad Peadon - PRHS Founder

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

20th Anniversary Of The
Philippine Railway Historical Society.

Special Issue Of 'Along Da Riles' Magazine To Be Released In January.

Small and Unofficial, But Seemingly Effective.

Thank you to all the management and staff of PNR, LRT and MRT, along with all my local railfan friends, for your help over the years.

Philippine National Railways
South Line Survey

A brief look at the railway stations from Calamba to Lucena.
With huge thanks to PNR GM Jun Magno.


San Pablo

Los Banos



Lucena Loco Shed

Friday, July 13, 2018

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Railfan Group

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


The railway signalbox is an endangered species in Manila, with only two still standing (Solis and Abad Santos). Another two (Yuseco and Caloocan) have existed since my first visit in 1999, but both have since been destroyed.
Solis is located on the north fork of the main junction for the south and the former north lines.
With Abad Santos (a RIHSPI) in a very bad state of repair, it is hoped that work can shortly start on saving it from further decay.
In recent years there have been proposals to preserve this very historic structure, primarily from the 'Manila Railroad Club', an offshoot of the former RIHSPI group.
Stay tuned and please consider subscribing if you like what you see here.
Shortly we shall look at Abad Santos box today, before heading south to Quezon and Laguna Provinces for more railway adventure.

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