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Wednesday, May 5, 2021




This months competition on the 'Philippine Railway Historical Society' group is railway bridges in the Philippines.

Members are invited to contribute their railway bridge photos and to vote (by liking) for their favourites!
Winners will appear here on the blog.

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Once this is gone, updates will only be via the following:

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Remember, we are always looking for anything relating to the railways of the Philippines. Photos, documents, old trip reports, listings etc.
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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Manila Railroad
Locomotive #112 
Builder: ALCo-Rogers 
Built: 1912
Build #: 51498
Photo: Dirk Paul Celoso Collection

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Friday, March 19, 2021



As you could imagine, over the twenty-two years I've spent building a Philippine railway hobby, I have been fortunate to have been donated many historical items of interest.

The plan is to eventually donate all this to an appropriate museum archive in the Philippines, preferably a railway museum (if we are ever successful in launching one), for researchers in the future.

However, for now, I feel that we should be getting some of this stuff online. This occasional series will look at publications, photographs, diagrams etc, that have been donated over the years. It will also include some of the more interesting posts from our former Egroup and Yahoogroup forums.

The second stage of this project is to try to make it available, in a more sorted out fashion, via our main PRHS website, or a complete stand along website with our friends at PARE.


PLEASE: If you have anything related to any railway that has operated in the Philippines, please share it with us, so that we may be able to share with the hobby.


Our first entry in this new series is the former 'PNR Express' newsletter.

October-December 1994
Donated by former PNR GM Sir Jose B Dado.

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Friday, March 12, 2021



It has been some time since the last installment in this series. I do apologise for that, but wanted to cover Mark's northern adventure as it was more timely.
Anyway, this part of our adventure had seen us farewell Kuya Ed at Passi City. From there we had to go it alone, without the huge benefit of Ed's local knowledge.

This meant that we missed a lot, but also meant I still had more reason to return to Panay. :-)


Damarao is considered a second class municipality, consisting of 33 barangays, in the province of Capiz (Panay Island). The last census, some six years ago in 2015, showed an population of 46,157 people.

Looking at the statistics over the years, this population number would have well exceeded 60,000 by now.  

Dumarao was founded in 1580.
The railway opened in 1907, following construction that had started at both the Iloilo and Roxas ends.
It is interesting to note that the two met on the border of Dumarao and Passi City, at a location later known as 'Summit'.

Passenger operations ceased in 1985, with freight following in 1989.
Every couple of years the idea of rebuilding the line is raised, along with silly suggestions of a hybrid truck roadway along the formation, but nothing has yet eventuated.

Above: Looking towards Roxas City from the former level crossing near Dumarao station.

Above and below.
Dumarao station building, taken from level crossing and looking towards Iloilo City.

Above: Dumarao station from the Iloilo end.

Below: They would be quackers not to rebuild the railway.

Panay Railway passenger rates as of December 15th 1949.
Iloilo City to Dumarao being a massive P2.55 in second class and P1.55 in third.
Courtesy of: Turag Soy 

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