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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Panay Island Adventure Part 3


Hello and welcome to part three of my 'Panay 2017' series.

Unfortunately, this part starts on a bit of a sad note, having recently learnt of the passing of my friend Eduard Labadia from Iloilo City.

Eduard (far left in photo) was a local area historian, with a particularly strong interest in the Panay Railway. He was also a big supporter of the railway being rebuilt.

I first met him through his 'Rehabilitate Panay Railways' Facebook group which is a great mix of history and latest news on the push to rebuild this line. It was my 2017 trip that we first met in person, first for dinner, then later for a guided tour of the line to Passi.

It was this guided tour that starts to be covered in part 4 of this series.

Eduard's friendship, and immense Panay Railway knowledge, will be painfully missed. However, I am greatly honoured to have been entrusted with keeping his 'Rehabilitate Panay Railways' group running as a tribute to a very kind and good man.

Miss you Kuya Ed.

Brad Peadon (PRHS)

August 8th 2017 was my 'first ever' full day in Iloilo City and the plan was to try to photograph as much as I could possibly fit into the one day.
Not surprisingly, a large chunk of the day was spent photographing the local jeepney types. While far removed from the classic jeepney design, which appears quite uncommon in the city area, they do have an interesting character of their own.

However, despite their rarity, we did find a few classic designs.
It is worth mentioning that, for whatever reason, the classic jeepney seem most common in the rural parts of Panay that were visited.
This seemed a bit unusual, especially given we were told that the locally produced ones seen around Iloilo City were much cheaper to purchase. 

In between jeepney photos, we visited Plaza Libertad, Iloilo Museum, SM Iloilo to visit my ol friend Sydney (his name as well as the city in which we first met him) and the harbour for a few water based craft.
I took plenty of non-transport photos during this visit and they will all eventually appear on my 'Semi-Retired Foamer' Travel Blog.

Outside the Iloilo Museum. The large building in the background is the 'Doane Baptist Church'.

Certainly one of the stranger designs getting around Iloilo. Only saw two of them, the second being a few more photos down.

Museo Iloilo (Museum)

We then wandered forth to the waterfront.

M/V LAYSON, the history of which I have not been able to find.

OCEAN JET 9 - Built in 1997.
Formerly the M/V Paras Sea Cat.

This boat has no identifying marks, however members of 'Old Iloilo' tell me that they were originally used as ferryboats to places like Guimaras, but nowadays more commonly carry fruit and other goods.
A beautiful looking craft that quickly caught my eye.

CAPT JOHN B LACSON was originally built as a container ship, but was purchased for use as a training ship. 
Check out Google Streetscape for a look at her appearance today.

Thank you to:
Ricky Remirez and Boy Tolentino
Members of the 'Old Iloilo' Facebook group.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Locomotive Update October 2020


9009021973U15CBlue/Red5/2020Desco Engineering - Rebuild Ongoing
 9061979U14CBlue/Red4/2019Beyond Economical Repair - Caloocan
 9111979U14CBlue/Red4/2019Beyond Economical Repair - Caloocan
 9131979U14CBlue/Red5/2020Desco Engineering - Rebuild Ongoing
 9141979U14CBlue/Red4/2019Await repair - Caloocan
 9151979U14CBlue/Red4/2019Await Repair - Caloocan
 9161979U14CBlue/Red In Service
 9171991U15COrange4/2020In Service
 9181991U15CBlue/Red6/2020In Service (17th - sleeper 1428 transfer)
 9191991U15CBlue/Red06/2020In Service (16th - stripped paint EMU set transfer)
 9201991U15CBlue/Red10/2020Beyond Economical Repair - Caloocan
 9211991U15CBlue/Red10/2020In Service
 9221991U15CBlue/Red8/2020In Service - Manila to Bicol with EMUs P/P 5009
250025351979U10BBlue/Red Non-Operational - Manila. Expected to be the first 2500 in orange.
 25381979U10BBlue/Gold5/2020Transfered from Naga to Caloocan
 25401979U10BBlue6/2020In Service-Operated to Caloocan (17th)
500050011992U6BBlue/Red Allocated Naga - In Service
 50021992U6BBlue/Red Non-Operational
 50031992U6BBlue/Red Allocated Naga - Non-Operational
 50041992U6BBlue/Red1-5-2020Non-Operational - Manila
 50051992U6BBlue/Red1-5-2020Non-Operational - Manila
 50061992U6BBlue/Red1-5-2020Non-Operational- Manila
 50071992U6BOrange1-9-2020Non-Operational - Manila. First 5000 in orange livery
     10-2020Utilized to haul KiHa set.
 50081992U6BBlue/Red1-5-2020Non-Operational - Manila
 50091992U6BBlue/Red10/2020In Service - Gumaca on train that derailed.
 50101992U6BRed/Yellow Beyond Economical Repair, Heavily stripped
6000-TBC2019LM250Orange4/2020Tutuban 1905903-1
7000TBC2019LM250Orange4/2020Tutuban 1905903-2
TBCTBC2020CC300Orange6/2020Testing 21/6/2020 - INKA Indonesia - CC300 20 01
 TBC2020CC300Orange6/2020Testing Commenced - INKA Indonesia - CC300 20 02
 TBC2020CC300Orange6/2020Testing Commenced - INKA Indonesia - CC300 20 03
      Limited services due to Coronavirus.
      Thanks: Mark Chua (PNR/PRHS), MJching23
      Date Column-Date of most recent update (New)
      Compiled: Brad Peadon (October 2020)
      Philippine Railway Historical Society
      Corrections/Additions Are Welcome.

5007 become the first 5000 class to wear the new PNR orange livery, and the fifth locomotive overall.
A subscriber to the PRHS TV channel has informed us the 2535 is the next locomotive in line for the livery.
Photo taken by Mark Chua.

This listing is kept updated through the members of the:


Friday, October 9, 2020

Panay Island Adventure Part 2


Howdee, part two of his series starts my journey 
to Panay back in 2017.

The whole series will primarily cover the transport parts of our trip, while the bulk of the coverage will be the former railway from Iloilo to Roxas, it will also showcase a small selection of the planes, jeepneys, taxis and other transport related items noted along the way.

For less transport, and more tourist/scenery orientated posts, please drop by my 'Semi-Retired Foamer Travel Blog' which showcases many parts of the Philippines and elsewhere.

If you're here for train content, there is a little at the end of this entry. It will mostly start in part 4, when we visit Lapaz station and follow the old railway alignment through to Roxas City.


To start, we find ourselves at 'Ninoy Aquino International Airport' with hours to spare before our flight.

Here is a small selection from three hours of endless plane photography. They don't make photography easy at NAIA, but, with a little effort, some great shots can be got from Terminal 3.

Cebu Pacific - Airbus A320-214 - RP-C4108
Plane has been parked since August 2020

PAL Express - Airbus A320-214 - RP-C8393
Plane has been parked since September 2020.

PAL Express - Airbus A320-214 - RP-C8398
Plane is active at time of posting.

Air Asia Philippines - Airbus A320-216 - RP-C8971
Plane has been parked since March 2020.

Air Asia Philippines - Airbus A320-216 - RP-C8974
Plane has been parked since March 2020.

Air Asia Philippines - Airbus A320-214 - RP-C8975
Plane has been parked since June 2020.

Cebu Pacific - Airbus A330-343E - RP-C3341
Plane has been stored since March 2020
I've no idea what the Cebu Pacific bus is now doing, but suspect it is 
unchanged in it's status.

Cebu Pacific - Airbus A320-214 - RP-C3277
Believed to currently be in traffic.
This was our bird to Iloilo City.

Thankfully a short journey, short trips are the only way to endure this airline.


Iloilo City has a large amount of non-traditional looking Jeepneys plying the streets. In fact, it took quite an effort to actual capture a traditional one, I think the only time being the day we were leaving for Roxas.
Of course, soon after we checked into the Go Hotel, I was back outside capturing the local Jeepney action.
The following shots were all taken on the corner of Ledesma and Mabini Streets, outside the Go Hotel.

Again, I took a lot of shots of the local Jeepneys.
I don't wish to inflict all of them upon readers here, so, if your interested in photos and news of Jeepneys, we invite you to the Philippine Jeepney group

While I did photograph a couple of taxis, I really have no real interest in them.
 I do believe there is a hobby interest in them. Each to their own I guess.

To finish off part 2, we headed forth to Plaza Libertad to photograph the only locomotive believed to still exist on Panay Island.
Number 888 is a former canefields locomotive, which is sometimes promoted, incorrectly, as being from the Panay Railway.
The last genuine Panay Railway locomotive was 114 (ex 3503) which was semi-preserved at Lapaz Station. It was seen there in 2007, but had been scrapped by 2017.
Lapaz station will be covered in a future installment. 

Sources: Airfleets.net

Thursday, October 1, 2020



Brad Peadon (PRHS)

A brief look at the once numerous CMC/CTC railcars that were once so common on the Philippine National Railways.
Back in 1999, when I first visited the Philippines, there was one remaining operational set being used around Manila. I got to see it, but sadly not photograph, at Espana station, having terminated there on a run from Caloocan (2nd station, north side of Samson Road).
At this same time, they were very commonly seen on loco hauled services to Alabang and, quite likely, Calamba and Carmona as well.

At this stage they were in their declining years and, by the time I returned in 2004, had started to drop greatly in numbers of serviceable units. They were all locomotive hauled by this time.

By 2010, all that remained were some examples in perway use (dormitories, rerailments) and a few ones that were well beyond economical repair.

CMC-201 was one of only two of her type built.
This being in 1976.
Tayuman locomotive depot - Brad Peadon

In 2020, it is only the perway use ones that have survived.

CMC-201 - Manila

CMC-366 - Naga

CMC-382- Hondagua

Of these, CMC-201 is the sole remaining double ended motor car, of which there were two, while CMC-382 appears to spend its time in Manila nowadays.
If you would like to learn more about Philippine rollingstock, the PRHS occasionally publishes free updates covering the subject 'HERE'.

CMC-386 sits off her bogies in Tutuban Yard 
Brad Peadon

CMC-372 Espana, enroute to Tayuman.
Brad Peadon

CMC-380 Caloocan Workshops.
Brad Peadon

CMC-387 Tutuban Yard.
The last CMC to be built, delivered in 1980.
Brad Peadon

CTC-153 Tutuban Yard.
This CTC is one of the earlier batch from 1976
Brad Peadon

CMC-372 Tutuban Yard.
Brad Peadon

CTC-176 Tutuban Yard.
Brad Peadon

CTC-168 Laon Laan, enroute to Tayuman.
Brad Peadon

CMC-369 Laon Laan, enroute to Tayuman.
Brad Peadon

CTC-167 Tutuban Yard.
'Manila Shed - Rerailment Gang'
Brad Peadon

CMC-372 Laon Laan, enroute to Tayuman.
Brad Peadon

CTC151-1641976Toyu Trading Co - Japan
CTC165-1761980Mitsui & Co - Japan
CMC201-2021976Toyu Trading Co - Japan
CMC343-3481974C. Itoh & Co - Japan
CMC352-3641976Toyu Trading Co - Japan
CMC365-3871980Tokyu Car Mfg Co - Japan

CMC-370 at Tutuban.
Photo: John Ward

CMC-374 was noted derelict at Caloocan in 2010 and believed to have been scrapped by 2011.
Photo: John Ward

CMC-376 at Buendia.
Photo: John Ward

CMC-382 at Caloocan.
The number on the side is incorrect, with the '2' 
somehow having gone missing.
Photo: John Ward

CMC-383 at Caloocan.
Photo: John Ward

Can you help?
We are seeking photographs of CMC cars from the first two batches, that's CMC-364 and lower in number, for a bigger rollingstock project.
Please email us if you can help.

Thanks to: Mark Chua and John Ward.