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Friday, June 17, 2022


Title Photo: Mark Chua.

9009021973U15COrange11/2021In Service
 9061979U14CBlue/Red4/2019Beyond Economical Repair - Caloocan
 9111979U14CBlue/Red4/2019Believed to now be awaiting repair. - Caloocan
 9131979U14COrange2/2022Released to operation January 2022. Alabang 10/2/2022
      Subsequently returned to Caloocan.
 9141979U14COrange2/2021DESCO for rebuild. Work ongoing.
 9151979U14CBlue/Red2/2021Await Repair - Caloocan
 9161979U14COrange12/2020DESCO for rebuild. Work ongoing.
 9171991U15COrange2/2022Caloocan for engine replacement
 9181991U15CBlue/Red11/2021Caloocan Workshops
 9191991U15CBlue/Red06/2022In service, Yard and departmental duties.
      Shuttle to Caloocan Workshops 6/2022
 9201991U15CBlue/Red10/2020Beyond Economical Repair - Caloocan (Bent frame)
 9211991U15COrange02/2021In Service
 9221991U15COrange11-2021In Service. In orange livery, but without logo.
250025351979U10BBlue/Red Manila
 25381979U10BBlue/Gold5/2020Transferred from Naga to Caloocan
 25401979U10BOrange7/2021In Service - Bicol Commuter
500050011992U6BOrange Caloocan shunter. Receent orange repaint
 50021992U6BBlue/Red Non-Operational
 50031992U6BBlue/Red Caloocan
 50041992U6BBlue/Red1-5-2020Non-Operational - Manila
 50051992U6BBlue/Red1-5-2020Non-Operational - Manila
 50061992U6BBlue/Red1-5-2020Non-Operational- Manila
 50071992U6BOrange1-9-2020Yard and departmental duties.
 50081992U6BBlue/Red1-5-2020Non-Operational - Manila
 50091992U6BBlue/Red11/2021In Service - Bicol Commuter
 50101992U6BRed/Yellow11/2011Beyond Economical Repair, Heavily stripped
TMC12019LM250Orange12/2021Tutuban 1905903-1 - 12/2021 To Calamba return with FL-255
 22019LM250Orange6/2021Tutuban 1905903-2 - In Reserve
900090012020CC300Orange11/2021Currently not operational - CC300 20 01
 90022020CC300Orange11/2021Operational Manila - CC300 20 02
 90032020CC300Orange2/2022Operational Manila - CC300 20 03 - Noted At Candelaria.
      Brad Peadon, Mark Chua, Paul Nicholas Domingo Cabalhin
      Danganan Avim
      Date Column-Date of most recent update (New)
      Compiled: Brad Peadon (June 2022)
      Philippine Railway Historical Society
      Corrections/Additions Are Welcome.


Updated thanks to Gomez Adrian.

913 San Pedro (Laguna).
Photo: Sire Merrione Pie 

919 - Asistio Station, Manila.
Photo: Daniel Macapagat

2535 recieving work at Caloocan back in 2010.
Photo: Brad Peadon (PRHS)

2535 recieving work at Caloocan back in 2010.
Photo: Brad Peadon (PRHS)

2535 recieving work at Caloocan back in 2010.
Photo: Brad Peadon (PRHS)

2535 recieving work at Caloocan back in 2010.
Photo: Brad Peadon (PRHS)

2535 recieving work at Caloocan back in 2010.
Photo: Brad Peadon (PRHS)

Dedicated to all things (Philippines 900 Class)
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Thursday, June 9, 2022


A random selection of track maintenance vehicle photos taken in 2009.
I know nothing about these contraptions, so I invite you to visit the Plasser & Theurer website to obtain further information should you suffer from any desire to do as such .

If you do know stuff about these things and would like to contribute your knowledge, please feel free to email us and we shall add it to the article.

Plasser & Theurer - OBW-10S
Multi-purpose crane.


Plasser & Theurer -  Ballast Regulator - PBR-004R

Plasser & Theurer - Ballast Tamper - 09-16CAT

Unidentified track maintenance vehicle somewhat derelict at Caloocan Workshops.
Believed to now be scrapped.
Photo: Brad Peadon


Mark Chua


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Thursday, May 26, 2022

CTC-154 - CALOOCAN 3-2-2010


This blog entry is a little bit different.

Back in 2010, during a visit in February, we visited Caloocan Workshops and found a mass amount of scrapping going on. The last of the 7E type cars were gone, the last MCBP as well, and even the very last PNR-owned bus was in pieces.

Sadly, we were a bit late to cover much of this stock, and CTC-154 looked to be the last in the current rollingstock massacre.

For history's sake, below are some photos of CTC-154 in her final hours, followed by a couple of other shots taken the same day.

Photos: Brad Peadon

Removing the pitched 'anti-garbage' roof off the top of the car.

Can only just read the number here.
Thanks to Mark Chua for confirming.

Parts of CTC-154, and other carriages, awaiting disposal.

The famous MrX partaking in some local gunzelling.

Twas pretty faded here also.

Always a sad scene to see. After years of faithful service to the country, CTC-154 starts the journey toward becoming a Kia.

A bogie off one of the three surviving 7E class carriages.
Earlier, we had identified these for heritage preservation.
But alas, it was not to be.

The only identifiable remains of PNR's last bus.

A sad pile of parts from goodness knows what carriages.

Was too hot to spend too much time looking for identifiable parts.


Thanks to Mark Chua (PRHS)


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