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Thursday, May 12, 2022


After a bit of a break, April saw us return to the PRHS photographic competition once again.

This time we went down a different path, picking the ever-popular U14/15C 900 class locomotives as the topic.

The concept of these competitions is simple. People share their favourite photos and people vote on the ones they like by, well, 'liking' them.

Sadly, many members don't take the time to express an opinion as to their favourites, so see do not always get a good indication from a large range of people.
However, it is what it is, and we greatly thank those who get involved.


Let's start with the most liked photos.

Most popular.
7 likes: Lovely shot of 917 on the Pandacan bridge 

Equal 6th.

Equal 6th.


Interestingly, two in equal 4th were from the same photographer, with the same photographic collections in the one-shot.
Just ignore the INKA one ;-)

Equal 4th, PRHS favourite 902 at Caloocan Workshops following her rebuild at DESCO.

3rd was this shot of newly painted 917 in the home of the best Buko Pie (Calamba Laguna).

2nd: Another beautiful shot from the lens of my friend Mark Chua.
Shows perfectly how the new livery brightens up the scene.


I have always loved a good Philippine sunset photo, so I was particularly taken by this one.
Very well done by Ap Cal.


Now for a look at the rest of the wonderful entries this month.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to contribute and vote.

The not often seen view of a locomotive being moved on the Caloocan Workshops traverser.

The Junn Magno (PNR GM) era orange livery, sometimes nicknamed 'Ponkan' (name for Mandarin orange, or just orange), sure has brought some brightness to the 'Philippine National Railways'.

PNR flagship U15C #902 seen in Tutuban back before she was rebuilt at DESCO.

I just love this shot by 'John McMarv'.
The lovely lighting, old livery, and the control tower behind.
Much of this scene is expected to change in the future.

Love a different take on a train photo, also the inclusion of rail people, and this one on the popular Pandacan bridge sure is both of these.
The people are the ones who make the railways what they are.

Tayuman: Manila home of the PNR fleet.
A structure just begging to be modelled.

Yummy. Works (perway) trains are always something special.
Mark Chua provides yet another awesome shot.

One of my favourite paintings by resident artist Fremel Bernal. One incredibly talented guy.

A cracking shot from the lens of Sanny Sancha.
A location that I have long wanted to use.

To finish up, we have an image of U15C #917 running around at the new Alabang station.


Thank you every, it has been truly enjoyable seeing the photographic (and artistic) work of so many.

Our Newest Group - Our First Contribution Based Group.
An in-depth look at the U14/15C 900 class.


Tuesday, May 3, 2022



It has been a while since we last updated the regular 'Philippine Railway Historical Society' 

free LRT/MRT Update publication.

This week we were finally able to update and publish the latest known details 

of the elevated railways in Manila.

As with all publications of the 'Philippine Railway Historical Society', it is completely free to download (walang pera).

LRT/MRT Update V6 - April 2022


Older publications are still available for viewing.

Along Da Riles Magazine.

LRT/MRT Updates V2-5

Philippine National Railway Locos/Rollingstock

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022



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