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If you have a question Philippine railway related, just drop us a line, maybe we can help.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A second selection of shots from our 2009 photo survey of the railway yard in this lovely town.
If a regular railway service is again instituted in this busy place, one could think of no better a way than to spend a week around here photographing.

Hopefully PNR can see the need for, at the VERY least, an hourly service to replace some of the endless bus journeys that clog Philippine roads and make them more dangerous.

The need is obvious, but then again, obvious isn't always that obvious to those it should be obvious too.
Note: Views expressed here are solely those of the blog author and do not reflect the thoughts of the PRHS, the PNR (who the author loves), the local Lucena government, the Cub Scouts of Argentina or any railway interested prudes.

~~ CH - CH - CH - CHANGES ~~

Can't remember who it was that sung that song - grrrrrrr old age and mental blanks are a terrible thing.

DON'T you laugh, you will all know soon enough :-)

Still while many things change, I am glad to have recently remade aquaintences with a few of my earliest Philippine based railfan friends. They have cheered me up during what has been a very dark period.

Anyway there has been numerous changes to things the 'Philippine Railway Historical Society' does, so by way of an update:

1) The http://anz.rihspi.org website has been replaced. The new link viewable via our normal website of http://philippine-railways.blogspot.com.

2) The RIHSPI-ANZ Facebook site has been closed.

3) For those people on Facebook who would like to chat about the Philippine National Railways and share photos, there is a group called, not surprisingly really, Philippine National Railways.

4) Both the PhilippineRailways and Philippine_Transportation Yahoogroups can now be used to share photos. LocoShed_Photography_Philippines is thus rendered useless and is due to be shut down.

5) The RIHSPI-ANZ Yahoogroup is due to close shortly, to be replaced by a new PRHS one.

6) I personally officially step down from RIHSPI-ANZ duties in just over two weeks time.
To date a replacement here in NSW has been found.
I shall return to research and sharing stuff on the internet, while I will also be continuing the 'Along Da Riles' magazine for the Australian group and hope to improve it.

7) A revival of Lubricated Flange magazine?????
Hmmm despite rumours to the contrary, this was a very successful publication and may return in a vastly different format.

So thats where we are at - hope this helps to alleviate any confusion.
Perhaps you wouldn't have even noticed :-)

Take care all.


Monday, July 27, 2009


Part 1

A selection of photos showing Lucena in 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photo by Happosai taken in July!


As a rollingstock researcher I was very interested in Happ's piccies the other day of PNR rollingstock being violated by scrappers torches, missing their chances at preservation.
The question now arises as to which they were.As of June, when I was there, the following 7A types still existed.
It is believed that 7A members were the basis of this violation, which is surprising as the CMC/CTC were next in line (unless of course all these have already been done).
In coming days I shall be narrowing the list of suspects - if anyone else can help, please email me.
UPDATED 27-07-2009 (11.53, 12.25, 12.36, 13.49)
2001 - Believed to be one of the current scrappings!
2002 - Likely being scrapped.
2004 - AR Caloocan.
2005 - Believed to be one of the current scrappings!
2006 - In service
2007 - In service
2008 - In service
2009 - In service
2012 - AR Caloocan
2013 - AR Caloocan
2014 - In service
2015 - In service
2016 - In service
2017 - Believed slated for repair at Manila.
2018 - AR Caloocan
2019 - In service
2020 - Likely being scrapped.
2022 - AR Caloocan
2023 - AR Caloocan
2024 - AR Caloocan
2025 - In service
2026 - Likely being scrapped.
2027 - Believed scrapped in July before inaugeration.
2028 - AR Caloocan
2029 - In service
2030 - Believed slated for repair at Tayuman.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stay tuned for a week full of excitment, a week jam packed with rail action, a week you will tell your grandchildren about.
Thats right - its
We take a final look at Lucena in 2009 in a multi part special all week long!
Look forward to your company then.
In the meantime 'Guard Pusa' will keep you company!







Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This little vehicle, the number of which could not be identified, is closed in behind a fence on Lucena station.
It seems to now be used for storage by a person living in the residence next to it.
Slowly rusting away, it would certainly make a great addition to the RIHSPI IC collection.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


A great friend and supporter of the
railway hobby cause.

Sadly missed by hundreds.


In an effort to make it more obvious to PNR (and others it seems) that we are seperate groups, many of you would already know that the RIHSPI-ANZ has recently changed names back to what we were originally, 'Philippine Railway Historical Society'.

We have applied for a domain name, but in the interim we can now be found at:


and our email

PRHS.Society @ gmail. com (Remove spaces)

Sadly it has caused significant bad blood, but our whole board felt it best, in order to protect the RIHSPI in the Philippines from the endless misunderstandings through cultural differences.

This really does not change much other than the name.

The PRHS still aims to operate the way we have and, despite only limited advertising to last month (have launched a huge campain this month), have been experiencing a gradual increase in interest and membership.

Donations would be in the form of grants, so as to alleviate any risk of us being still confused as a single group, even though, in effect we would be helping.

So needless to say, the name has changed, but we remain firmly commited to railway preservation in the Philippines, now and in the future.
We also remain firmly commited to supporting the RIHSPI in the future - indeed another donation heads its way to the Vice-President tomorrow.

An official letter will go out to members, readers and PNR shortly as soon as time presents itself anyway. However we thought it best to clarify the situation for all.

Best wishes


Sunday, July 12, 2009

~~ MY BABY ~~

In recent weeks I have become very aware of cultural differences between Aussies and the Philippines.

Our different understanding of how things have been worded is a sad but regular thing we have to get used to.

One thing Aussies, well gunzel railfans anyway, seem to occasionally do is to become associated with a certain locomotive.

Over the years I have been associated, and it has even been mentioned in magazines, with 'Queensland Rail' 2142A and 'Freightcorp' 8216, the later of which is still constantly linked to me. It is quite a fun thing really and usually ends up leading to a special fondness for that locomotive from the railfan in question.

In the Philippines I have appeared to have semi-adopted 902, although I always thought it may end up being the mysterious 916.
She is a lovely locomotive, indeed the oldest operational (well possibly operational) locomotive in the PNR fleet.

Indeed it become the logo of the old 'RIHSPI-ANZ' and has gone on to be the same logo for the 'PRHS' who have the same goals.

Born in 1973 to parents General Electric, 902 was later adopted to the Manila Railroad Company. Its birth certificate listing it as number 39238 of model U15C. The locomotive went on to be part of the 'Philippine National Railway' fleet and has become the last operational 1st series U15C still operational with them.

What of the r
901 - Scrapped

902 - Available for operation - Stored Caloocan

903 - Beyond Economical Repair, to PNR thinking anyway.

904 - Half scrapped as 908.

905 - Scrapped

Heres hoping that 902 has a long future ahead of her, if not with the PNR in much needed freight traffic, then perhaps with the 'Railways and Industrial Heritage Society' of the Philippines if they realise her value.

Thankfully she is listed as in 'good condition' officially by PNR, which bodes well for the future.

See you again one day old girl.

Brad Peadon
** Personal Views **

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hard to believe really, but it is just over ten years since I first went to the Philippines and started a life time commitment of interest to that countries railways.
Back then Philippine railways were a different hobby.
A search of the internet revealed very little at all, while subject specific sites, other than a very outdated PNR one, were really unheard of.

Heading over for the first time in early 1999, I found myself armed with a couple of issues of magazines, a phone number for a driver called Jojo and very little real knowledge.
This trip saw me v
isit Caloocan and Tayuman, both far more friendlier places back then, as well as Espana, Buendia and Paco.
Many shots were taken, but as it was just a new interest, I didn't get quite the amount I should have.

Returning to Sydney I soon found myself missing the Philippines and wanting to go back. The return happened, but not for five years.
In the meantime I set up the 'Philippine Railways SIG' (later Philippine Railway Historical Society or PRHS) on the internet.
This initially consisted of a small Tripod website and a egroup (later Yahoogroups), the later of which continues to grow.

Over the years I have met so many people, some have become long term friends.
Through these people I have learnt so much about the Philippine railways, yet, there is still so much more to know
- indeed I will never know half of the interesting history that exists there.

About a week before the decision to start it all was reached.
The four founding members who were at Caloocan to look at the BUDA cars are seen here with current RIHSPI board member Karel.
L to R: Karel, Harvey, Nick, Bill and Brad

Its great to take a look back at what has changed over the years.

We moved the website from Tripod to Geocities, then later converted to the use of Blogger. While the Geocities site still exists, it is not updated and will soon become history itself with Yahoo closing down their free website service in October.
We have extended our forums to include other types of Philippine transport, photography, modelling and even friendship based forums.

Things began to really change in 2007 when Bill, Harvey, Nick and myself visited the Caloocan workshops, saw the rusting hulks of the BUDA cars and decided then and there to start a preservation society in the Philippines, which later went on to be what we know as the 'Railways and Industrial Heritage Society Phils. Inc'.
This naturally progressed to include an Australian chapter of this group (RIHSPI-ANZ), which basically consisted of PRHS members. We instantly set about raising the worldwide profile of the society and start taking memberships and publishing a society magazine covering all manner of Philippine railway topics.

Today we are on the eve of some more big changes in the society and, while forced upon us, we feel we will become even bigger in the future.
We look forward to meeting people, sharing information, supporting Philippine societies and generally enjoying the wonderful hobby that is the Philippine Railways.

Come join us!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


What is believed to be the last semaphore signal on the Philippine National Railways is seen here at Caloocan during May.
It stands guard across the other side of the former main north line opposite the remains of the signalbox that once controlled it.
Both are crying out for someone to restore these incredibly important artifacts to their former glory.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009




I have removed the offending photos and a few other things from the forum/website by request.
It was NEVER my intention to upset anyone with the photos, indeed, to my way of thinking I was happy with the situation to some, preserved from elements extent.

This has given me pause to think about what I place up in the future, make me stop to consider if whatever I have may cause some offence.
Perhaps things will lighten up when the current situation is but a memory far in the past.

Anyway I am deeply sorry to those I have offended - I am aware of the situation now.
If anyone would like to discuss matters related to this, on official basis, please feel free to do it through my publishing Yahoo address because my future is currently a tad shakey with the society.
Something else I don't wish to be drawn into because it is asociety matter.

I don't wish to be drawn into any more discussion on this matter while ever I am involved with the society and I do hope that, should I step outside these boundaries ever again, that someone will contact me quickly and direct.

Sometimes, well quite often, it is hard for us to know what is culturally incorrect over there. Every day I learn somethig new about Filipino culture, thats what makes them so interesting.

Regards to all - Stay safe always - You are all my friends

Lets get back to the fun.