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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~~ CH - CH - CH - CHANGES ~~

Can't remember who it was that sung that song - grrrrrrr old age and mental blanks are a terrible thing.

DON'T you laugh, you will all know soon enough :-)

Still while many things change, I am glad to have recently remade aquaintences with a few of my earliest Philippine based railfan friends. They have cheered me up during what has been a very dark period.

Anyway there has been numerous changes to things the 'Philippine Railway Historical Society' does, so by way of an update:

1) The http://anz.rihspi.org website has been replaced. The new link viewable via our normal website of http://philippine-railways.blogspot.com.

2) The RIHSPI-ANZ Facebook site has been closed.

3) For those people on Facebook who would like to chat about the Philippine National Railways and share photos, there is a group called, not surprisingly really, Philippine National Railways.

4) Both the PhilippineRailways and Philippine_Transportation Yahoogroups can now be used to share photos. LocoShed_Photography_Philippines is thus rendered useless and is due to be shut down.

5) The RIHSPI-ANZ Yahoogroup is due to close shortly, to be replaced by a new PRHS one.

6) I personally officially step down from RIHSPI-ANZ duties in just over two weeks time.
To date a replacement here in NSW has been found.
I shall return to research and sharing stuff on the internet, while I will also be continuing the 'Along Da Riles' magazine for the Australian group and hope to improve it.

7) A revival of Lubricated Flange magazine?????
Hmmm despite rumours to the contrary, this was a very successful publication and may return in a vastly different format.

So thats where we are at - hope this helps to alleviate any confusion.
Perhaps you wouldn't have even noticed :-)

Take care all.


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