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Sunday, July 19, 2009


In an effort to make it more obvious to PNR (and others it seems) that we are seperate groups, many of you would already know that the RIHSPI-ANZ has recently changed names back to what we were originally, 'Philippine Railway Historical Society'.

We have applied for a domain name, but in the interim we can now be found at:


and our email

PRHS.Society @ gmail. com (Remove spaces)

Sadly it has caused significant bad blood, but our whole board felt it best, in order to protect the RIHSPI in the Philippines from the endless misunderstandings through cultural differences.

This really does not change much other than the name.

The PRHS still aims to operate the way we have and, despite only limited advertising to last month (have launched a huge campain this month), have been experiencing a gradual increase in interest and membership.

Donations would be in the form of grants, so as to alleviate any risk of us being still confused as a single group, even though, in effect we would be helping.

So needless to say, the name has changed, but we remain firmly commited to railway preservation in the Philippines, now and in the future.
We also remain firmly commited to supporting the RIHSPI in the future - indeed another donation heads its way to the Vice-President tomorrow.

An official letter will go out to members, readers and PNR shortly as soon as time presents itself anyway. However we thought it best to clarify the situation for all.

Best wishes


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