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Sunday, July 12, 2009

~~ MY BABY ~~

In recent weeks I have become very aware of cultural differences between Aussies and the Philippines.

Our different understanding of how things have been worded is a sad but regular thing we have to get used to.

One thing Aussies, well gunzel railfans anyway, seem to occasionally do is to become associated with a certain locomotive.

Over the years I have been associated, and it has even been mentioned in magazines, with 'Queensland Rail' 2142A and 'Freightcorp' 8216, the later of which is still constantly linked to me. It is quite a fun thing really and usually ends up leading to a special fondness for that locomotive from the railfan in question.

In the Philippines I have appeared to have semi-adopted 902, although I always thought it may end up being the mysterious 916.
She is a lovely locomotive, indeed the oldest operational (well possibly operational) locomotive in the PNR fleet.

Indeed it become the logo of the old 'RIHSPI-ANZ' and has gone on to be the same logo for the 'PRHS' who have the same goals.

Born in 1973 to parents General Electric, 902 was later adopted to the Manila Railroad Company. Its birth certificate listing it as number 39238 of model U15C. The locomotive went on to be part of the 'Philippine National Railway' fleet and has become the last operational 1st series U15C still operational with them.

What of the r
901 - Scrapped

902 - Available for operation - Stored Caloocan

903 - Beyond Economical Repair, to PNR thinking anyway.

904 - Half scrapped as 908.

905 - Scrapped

Heres hoping that 902 has a long future ahead of her, if not with the PNR in much needed freight traffic, then perhaps with the 'Railways and Industrial Heritage Society' of the Philippines if they realise her value.

Thankfully she is listed as in 'good condition' officially by PNR, which bodes well for the future.

See you again one day old girl.

Brad Peadon
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