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Wednesday, July 1, 2009




I have removed the offending photos and a few other things from the forum/website by request.
It was NEVER my intention to upset anyone with the photos, indeed, to my way of thinking I was happy with the situation to some, preserved from elements extent.

This has given me pause to think about what I place up in the future, make me stop to consider if whatever I have may cause some offence.
Perhaps things will lighten up when the current situation is but a memory far in the past.

Anyway I am deeply sorry to those I have offended - I am aware of the situation now.
If anyone would like to discuss matters related to this, on official basis, please feel free to do it through my publishing Yahoo address because my future is currently a tad shakey with the society.
Something else I don't wish to be drawn into because it is asociety matter.

I don't wish to be drawn into any more discussion on this matter while ever I am involved with the society and I do hope that, should I step outside these boundaries ever again, that someone will contact me quickly and direct.

Sometimes, well quite often, it is hard for us to know what is culturally incorrect over there. Every day I learn somethig new about Filipino culture, thats what makes them so interesting.

Regards to all - Stay safe always - You are all my friends

Lets get back to the fun.

1 comment:

hs said...

not sure what was offensive about the pictures you had originally posted. Before and after photos are very commonplace and hopefully the picts that showed a "before" wi;; be replaced in time by an exciting "after"
Harv--who is quite content to lurk from the sidelines and stay out of all this fray.