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Sunday, November 21, 2010

~~ NEW Philippine Airlines A380 ~~



Every now and then someone makes a comment that is so stupid that it is beyond belief.

Nope, it's not preservation in which I talk of today, it is the comment of Senator Ralph Recto that more roads need to be built to solve traffic problems.

What the heck?

Unless Manila is unique in the world, chances are it will just transfer chaos elsewhere, especially with all the new traffic it encourages.

At least he does have some thought for rail, it just ain't in tune with the majority of the world thinks nowdays.
The article HERE!

Monday, November 15, 2010


' November Update '

* Fiddling with my Skyscrapercity account and the photo sharing feature of it.

* Attack on PhilippineRailways Yahoogroup

* Regular censorship of my postings on Facebook group 'PNR,LRT,MRT in the Philippines' by a select member now removed. Corrected by a very kind group owner and appreciated.

* Attack on PhilippineRailways Yahoogroup

* Changing of my settings on Facebook group 'PNR.LRT,MRT in the Philippines' to prohibit posting to the board. Corrected again by a very kind group owner and appreciated.

The Filipino is a very god fearing people, I wonder what god thinks about these continual actions?

The PRHS is a research, help and publishing group. It costs money to run, but it is done voluntarily to help others. Sadly other people seek to destroy our efforts to help you, even though we do not benefit personally from it..

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