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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Linkage Project: Latest Piccies!

Hi all,
These latest photos of the Linkage project were taken by Mithril Cloud.

They show an incredible amount of work occuring here, while reports from Northrail seem to suggest work still remains stalled.

Major work is currently being undertaken at Buendia station. While progress has been slow, it will be a very different looking station when complete.

Pasay Road is also getting a major facelift from the platform up!

While this doesn't show any station rebuilding, it does show track work through the ground zero of 'Conspiracy Theories' Paco.
Right behind the photographer was the location where the embankment had collapsed causing trains to lurch dangerously to the side. It is unknown if this was fixed during the work.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Changing Face Of Blumentritt!

A thread on Skyscrapercity has inspired one to prepare some piccies of Bluementritt from before the recent cleanup of the area.
The below photo by leechtat shows the area today, taken from the LRT station of the same name.

The following photos show the area in February 2007 nearly a year prior to the work above.

Blumentritt shanties on borrowed time!

South line leg of the triangle at Tondo taken after departure from Blumentritt.

Some of the locals living in these shanties. I often wonder where exactly they are now!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Where Is It?

G'day everyone,
Recieved this historical from the world famous 'Colonel' this morning.
Between copious amounts of Bundaberg Rum and Amsterdam Beer, he has been pondering the station appearing in this photo which is simply marked 'Cebu'.
My guess is Cebu City station, but as I am not an authority on the line I can't say for sure.
Anyone recognise this lovely building?


CONFIRMED: Cebu City Station! Thanks to Graham.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blumentritt (After The Demo Typhoon)

This shot appears in 'leechtat's' Imageshack account and clearly shows the changes at Blumentritt.
During the coming week I shall put up some comparison shots of the location one year ago.