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Saturday, November 4, 2017

2017.1 PT2

Kumusta, and welcome to the second part of our series on Manila in 2017.
Given that six years had elapsed between trips to the Philippines, I found myself catching up on both the situation there and the lack of photos over the years.
I also got to catch up with a number of old friends and met new ones at the same time. Some of these people will be seen in future instalments of this series.

Living along EDSA for a week is a dream come true for any bus fan.
No matter what time of day, EDSA is chock full of them, coming from parts of southern Manila, or further afield out in the provinces.
While I have long believed the provincial buses should not enter so far into Manila itself, preferring the idea of a bus/rail intermodal hub at Calamba, they do make for a busy couple of hours for one's camera.

Pasig River view from the GO Hotel.
Alas the ferries do not currently ply the route, however their return
 is regularly discussed.

MRT spotting near Boni station. 

Chaos, as only EDSA can deliver.
Boni Station (MRT3)

Stay tuned for Part 3.
Another exciting installment in the series.

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