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Sunday, October 29, 2017

2017 .1

Over the next few months, I am going to catch up with images from all three Philippine trips in 2017.
I have been holding off as there was the prospect of a fourth visit before the new year, but this now seems quite unlikely.
To start off with we shall look at March, a short one week visit that saw us stay along EDSA in Mandaluyong, an extremely busy location (where in Manila isn't?), but paradise for the transport fan. Request the right room and you can drool over all the road and rail action 24/7.
Our choice of accommodation was the GO Hotel, a reasonably priced hotel that provides for little other than the bed, A/C and shower. No fridge is supplied, in fact, your not supposed to consume anything in your room. Quite a laughable rule in a country that has the biggest eaters in the world :-)
However, besides the abundance of transport (I guess that is not as appealing to others as it is for me), it is situated next to a Robinsons Mall (these are always run down but handy) and, on certain nights, a huge street food setup is 
right behind the hotel.
Totally recommended, though their online booking is the dog's bollocks and you will normally find yourself needing to ring.

Photos are in no particular order.

The Philippine Jeepney.
Smoke producing, traffic causing, gas guzzlers. Who could not love them?
Well, apparently lots don't and there appears to be a constant push to rid them from the streets.
It would be a sad day should they ever be successful.

Awaiting the next Alabang train at Pasay Road.

Pasay Road is a major station on the metro railway south to Alabang. Not only a passenger station but also the location of some railway offices. There were recent rumours of it being closed, but given the distance between the two nearest stations, it would seem unlikely.
U15C #922 is seen arriving with a morning service to Alabang. These big General Electric locomotives see the bulk of passenger work on the PNR, although railcars and smaller GE hauled trains do regularly see use.

U15C #917 and one of the train crew at the main terminal of Tutuban.
Thats one of the train crew on the loco and the main railways head office behind.

DMR-11 picked a fight with a Coke truck many years back. :-(

Now we warp backwards in time to when we sat at Sydney Airport awaiting our Cebu Pathetic flight to Manila. These weird, bug looking, double ended buses haul passengers around the airport.

Vietnam Airlines VN-A864 has been pushed out and will soon be taxiing 
down to the Bay Runway.

The latest version of the QANTAS livery is being towed to the terminal.
A few planes now carry this

The MRT3, and it's Sydney Harbour Bridge like structure, make for some
great shots at Mandaluyong.
These were all taken quite early in the morning and the lighting was still quite difficult.

If your cup of tea is buses, then a day on EDSA should fill the biggest of SD card.
More metro and provincial operators/buses than you can poke a stick at.

In more recent years the Philippine Railway Historical Society has been branching out into other transport areas like buses. We have a growing group here should you be interested.

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