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Friday, October 29, 2010

Free E-Zine

I have often been asked to do an electronic version of 'Along Da Riles' for easier and distribution to interested people worldwide.

Being still a lil old fashioned I have been reluctant to take this step with the magazine in the past.
However time marches on and the steady growth in interest and demand has made the publication a more expensive and time consuming project. Also the postage cost/size limitations has made it hard to do the occasional larger issues.

The 'Philippine Railway Historical Society' (Originally Philippine Railways SIG) was set up in 1999 to be a non-profit group, mostly internet based, and mean't for exploring and promoting the Philippine railways. 'Along Da Riles' magazine was borne as part of a ill-concieved attempt to help a society we started in Manila.

Despite the failure of that project, the magazine continued to be of much interest to readers and continued on under our PRHS banner.

Now we are trialing an e-zine version of the publication which will allow us more flexibility with colour, photography and size. It is even planned to expand into other transportation modes on a limited basis.

To get every FREE issue there are two ways to put your name down on the mailing list.

Visit the ALONG DA RILES mailing list website.

Or simply send a blank email to Along_Da_Riles-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

There is no catch - There are no fees - There is no SPAM - You can unsubscribe any time

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