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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tayuman/Tutuban Photo Survey!

Hi everyone,
I am sorry to those who have been regularly coming back to find no new updates. Alas a rather big spurt of work has ensured I was kept away from the computer for extended amounts of time.
What little choo choo time I had to myself was filled with replies to the endlessly growing amounts of email correspondence. Even the email has been falling way behind with some still awaiting reply after many weeks.
Anyway a friend on another forum recently asked me some questions about the Tayuman and Tutuban yard. He is a modeler and wishes to know more about the layout of this yard, the structures and also the train operations.
This has inspired me to start a short photographic series based on shots taken over the last two visits.
The plan is to start these either on the weekend or early next week while things are a little more quiet.
If any readers have photographs, maps or any other general information please feel free to email me at the Philippine Railways SIG email address and I shall include this in the series, credited to you, for the benefit of all. Please help if you can.

Till next week.

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