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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Philippine Railways Update! (May 2008)

Philippine National Railways

With the Northrail project seemingly foundering, it comes with great sadness today, a report saying that work on the linkage project has been suspended indefinitely due to problems with relocation.
This is obviously tragic news for the country, but also quite strange. With so much clearing already having been done, most of it in areas the line hasn't yet been upgraded, its a wonder they don't keep upgrading these sections while the relocation works in the other areas in completed.
What was going to be President Gloria's greatest legacy to her country, is shaping up to be her biggest failure to those people she represents.
The Carmona branch may have been reopened to service, but this is also awaiting confirmation.


Phase I (Caloocan to Alabang) - Clearing Reportedly Suspended!
*** Trains operating between Tutuban-Alabang-San Pedro-Binan.
*** Media reported a train from Carmona killing a 14yo girl at Sucat during May. This would suggest the San Pedro to Caromna branch has reopened. This is subject to confirmation.
*** Services suspended Binan-Legaspi.
Phase II (Alabang to Calamba)Southrail Project - Work yet to commence.
Phase IA (Calamba-Lucena)Phase IB (Lucena-Legaspi) - Work yet to commence.
Phase II (Sorsogon Extension Matnog) - Work yet to commence.

Calamba to Batangas line rebuild - Work yet to commence.


Despite advice that the project was to be proceeding full steam ahead, there has been little sign of work when visits were made.


Caloocan to Malolos - Rebuild reportedly commenced full steam ahead January 2008.
Malolos to Clark - Rebuild reported to have commenced, no further advice.

Cabanatuan Line - No advice.
Cagayan Valley - No advice.

Panay Railway
Work has yet to commence on any railway building on Panay!
Iloilo City to Roxas City - No Advice
*** There has yet to be movement in regards to anyone willing to finance this project.

Mindanao Railway
Work has yet to commence on any railway building in Mindanao!
Phase 1, Ist Segment (Cagayan de Oro-Iligan City
Phase 1, 2nd Segment (Cagayan de Oro-Gingoog City)
Phase 1, 3rd Segment (Iligan-Marawi City)
Phase 1, 4th Segment (Marawi City-Cotabato City)
Phase II (Surigao-Butuan)
Phase III (Davao City-Monkayo)
Phase IV (Zamboaga City-Dipolog City)
Phase V (Gagayan de Oro-Davao City)

Railway & Industrial Heritage Society

The Malagunlong Bridge in Tayabas, Quezon has been placed on the groups watchlist. It was built in 1840.
Paco station (proposed museum): No advice.

Inspection tour made of rollingstock at Hondagua. One track car (speeder) identified for possible preservation.

Efforts continue in order to be able to soon accept contributions and official memberships to the new society. Further details on this in future updates!

Locomotive Fleets
Remains virtually unchanged since last reported on the Philippine Railways SIG website!

Thanks to the following people and publications for information used in this update:
Jaime Tiongson
Harvey Smoller
Bill Sullivan
Wheel On Steel
Lubricated Flange Railway E-zine ( http://www.zelmeroz.com/lf)
The SIG would also like to wish a very speedy revovery to our mate Nick Buenafe!

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