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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Change Of Page Name and The Future!

Observant readers will have noticed a change in name for this news and history page.
While my 'Philippine Railways SIG' started the ideas of the 'Philippine Railways Historical Society' the new museum group starting in the Philippines have requested I don't use it anymore.
Out of respect for the president of that group, and given he is one of the few in the association that actually shows much for me, I have complied and changed the name.
This is an interim measure as I am wanting to close down both this blog and the entire Philippine Railways SIG. I am, however, giving it a 2 week cooling off period to make sure this is what is best. It is certainly not easy to rebuild 9 years of work should I change my mind later.
It certainly has been fun. I have learn't much and have made many new friends and some who I thought were. I used to enjoy the Philippines and was always in trouble off the asawa for planning the next trip before returning from the current one :-)
While it may be seen, indeed the comment was made yesterday, that I am just giving up to easily. It will allow me to concentrate on other areas and devote my time and money to them. Fiji is one area of great interest nowdays.
The railfan hobby has long been scattered with many people with little respect for anyone except themselves. We all run into one of them from time to time, sadly it was my time for ONE particularly bad example.
For now the PhilippineRailways Yahoogroup will continue to exist.

Thank you for your support of the Philippine Railways SIG over the years. I will update on decisions shortly.
Please throw your support behind the new museum project. No matter who sits on the board, the project is worthy of support of every Filipino.

Best wishes and early Merry Xmas

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