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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Casualty Of Progress!

Tayuman station,situated on the road of the same name, marked the commencement of the extensive PNR yards approaching the once grand Tutuban railway station.

For a short while it even served as the main starting point for all trains headed south from Manila until a replacement, and somewhat dreary, Tutuban station was built to replace the beautiful original that is now a shopping mall.

The Tayuman station buildings were far from magnificent, a small ticket office and a open waiting area devoid of most expected conveniences. It was however a regular location to visit and the staff always friendly and helpful in the true Filipino way.

Upstairs was a narrow line of offices used by a number of PNR officials. One had to be sure to be out of their view when photographing, lest the wish to endure an extended interogation as to your reasons for wanting to take photos of their railways.

My most recent encounter with these managers was probably the most amusing. A rather serious looking chap comes down and demands I tell him what I am doing. After replying, he then asked if I had permission. I simply said 'yes' and he accepted this :-)

Recently the demo team moved in and removed all trace of this once important station from the face of the earth. Photos showing little more than an empty patch of dirt brought some sadness that change had caused this, but then without such sacrifice perhaps in another few years there would have been no more PNR to see.

Here are a few photos of Tayuman in her final months, both taken during February this year. Seen also in the photos are SIG members and good friends Bill (a fellow Aussie), Karel and Cesar.

All other Manila stations will suffer a similar fate as modernization replaces lovely old PNR designs with, apparently, more functional and interesting ones.

Thankfully we can remember them all in photos.


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