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Monday, February 6, 2012


A November 2011 Trip To Manila.

I know I have been slack with my blog posts again.
I've been busy with my Filipino shop since my recent return, along with a couple of new projects to build a PNR database and the long planned HO scale model railway based on Manila.
I have also been working hard to get a new PRHS service up and going to help modellers in the Philippines avail themselves of cheaper modelling options. This being by way of free freight to the Philippines through an occasional Balikbayan box. Obviously every peso counts for the locals, so why not give the chance to help with zero freight cost and the ability to buy second hand models for far less than brand new?

I am always looking for new ways to help my wonderful railfan friends in the Philippines and, along with local British ex-pat Phil Clark, am very proud of this new idea.

ANyway, enough rabbiting on with excuses, below is the first lot of shots from our recent trip.
Sadly the weather was a bit chronic at the start, but they do get better.

The railfan day certainly got off to a dark, gloomy and wet start.

It was a day to meet lots of new friends and catch up with many old ones.
Roberto, Mark, Rodney and Adrian I have know since the last trip, while Phil and Tessie (above), Brian and Michael (Philippine Railways Railfan Group) and many other new people also turned up on the day.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have so many great friends so far away. Many people are lucky to have one or two locally. You guys are all much cared about.

Wooohoo finally got to see one of PNRs new twin-level sleepers.
Great looking beasts and part of the new PNR lineup.
Also got to meet PNR boss Mr Ragragio, Mr Nierva (head of the Transportation division) and the lovely Ms Emma Papa. All do a wonderful job with the nations railways and all true examples of how wonderful Filipino people are.
Thank you so much guys - I miss you.

Heavy rains delayed trains at Pasay Road.

Another highlight, getting CMC-201 out on the tracks on perway duties.

CAR-2 on the Bicol Express. Last time I saw her was 2010 on the Bicol Commuter Train to Sipocot and Ligao.

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