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Monday, September 5, 2011


While not a huge amount is currently known about them, we are aware that there were a number of lines in the Pandacan area, the only one that's ROW is confirmed being the one to the fuel terminal.
Some recent discussions on the PRHS Yahoogroup lead me to have a bit of an initial look at the area via Google Earth (sadly the Philippines do not have something comparable to our local NearMap) which gives a reasonably good look at the area.
Below are a selection of images found so far, both original and marked.
Of greatest interest is what appears to be intact sidings still in the fuel terminal which, if looks don't deceive, would be well worth an official visit to try and cover photographically.
Has any local ever walked this line in its entirety and given it a full photographic survey?

The final two photos show what looks very much like another ROW on the opposite side of the PNR mainline and working its way to a large warehouse on the river bank.
Does anyone know what this warehouse is now, or what it was previously?

The junction from the PNR mainline (red) just north of Pandacan station.

There appears to have been at least one siding opposite Pandacan station which survived, covered in squatters, until the recent rebuild.

Second part of the Pandacan branch, showing the terminal sidings and a possible extra bit on the end with an opposed facing siding.
Below is a clear view of the sidings area, outlined in yellow.

The Mystery Branchline?

Actually we are unsure if it (below) even was a branchline, but is certainly looks to be the case.
Branching off a little closer to the river than the fuel branch, it heads in the other direction for some distance, before a clearly defined curve and another straight toward a large factory on the river bank.

Again, has anyone done a photographic survey of this section?

Does anyone know who the current and/or previous owners of the large factory are?

Any information on both of these lines would be greatly appreciated

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