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Sunday, July 10, 2011

During a huge clean up and dumping of unwanted railway stuff, I came across some photos I have been hunting down for some. The title photo above was actually the one I was most after, Karel (RIHSPI President)

had asked about it some months prior.

The week was in the early half of 2007 and marked a significant

milestone in Philippine railway hobby history.

A request was made on the PRHS (then Philippine Railways SIG) Forum for people who would like to meet up at Tayuman for a day of watching trains, travelling on same and just to get to know each other.

A week later, a visit to the PNR workshop at Caloocan courtesy of Edward Manapol (one of PNRs nicest people - sadly since gone) saw the decision made that something must be done to preserve this importantly.

Subsequent months saw us go about setting up what is today known as RIHSPI, with the BUDA car that was the basis for our decision now

restored as a static exhibit at Tutuban station.

While, for now, I am unable to be involved in what we started, one day it is hoped that attitudes change enough, the hobby put first, and I shall again be able to make a contribution to that which a handful of railfans and myself started just over four years ago.

Heres to Philippine railway preservation.

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