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Thursday, January 6, 2011


The recent news about the local governments interest (again) in reopening the Pagsanjan line had me rustling through the archive searching for the photograph here.

Twas taken during my one and only visit to Pagsanjan back in 2007.

While it as supposed to be a family affair, the canoe ride to the falls and lunch with Bill's Filipino family being the basis of it all, what sort of railfan would I be not to squeeze in a little railway time :-)

After a visit to an old picture theater, he took me to the last known substantial remains of the railway in Pagsajan.

Of course the instant visions of 900s crossing this bridge nowdays (although it would never have happened in real life) started flowing through my mind. Then the modeller side took over with ideas of a layout from the station to the bridge starting to knaw their way past the earlier prototype dreams.

But look at that house on the hill.

Imagine, A/C cranked up, Tanduay and snacks, a few mates around to operate a big layout in that front room, then all running to the window at the sound of 902 on the 15.32 arrival in Pagsanjan.


Perhaps, but certainly not in scale form. Hmmmmmmm

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