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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


2010 has proven many a PNR sceptic wrong. Even I, just a few years ago, thought I was witnessing the end of a once grand system, a system that has deteriorated continually over a number of decades.

However the railway back then is a vastly different one to that which exists today as new projects and restoration work continues at a rapid pace.

The above shot was taken on both the first day of restoration of normal service to Sucat, as well as the reopening of the former down track allowing for a two track service again.
I was lucky enough (missed my plane back to Sydney) to ride in the cab of one of these first runs. Cab riding is often a fun experience, no matter what country yor in, but the stark difference around the Sucat area in less than 8 months had me more entertained than what the train was doing.

Only four months later we have these services extended to Alabang, a whole brand new station no less, we have trial runs to the rebuilt San Cristobal bridge, Calamba and, just a couple of days ago, the first train to run from Manila to Naga in nearly four years.
Truly cause for celebration - Great work PNR.

But it won't stop there.

New president depending, there is the full rebuild of the south to look forward to, along with its extension to Sorsogon. Then there is the occasionally talked about reopening of the Batangas, Sta Cruz and Panay railways.
This along with the Northrail project actually now quite a possibility, will make the next few years a very interesting period indeed.

We will be following it all here on the blog, the good and the bad.


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