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Thursday, April 8, 2010




It has become quite the custom nowdays to have a big railfan gathering when I visit the beautiful Philippines. Not only does it give a chance to spend a day 'Along Da Riles', but even better, it allows me to again catch up with some of the best friends you could ever hope to know.
This day was no exception, while I again got to catch up with old friends, I made some terrific new ones, all of whom I look forward to seeing again the next time I return.

Below is a number of photos from the 'Combined Railfan Day', a full report on which (as well as the whole trip) starts in this months 'Along Da Riles' magazine.

The day starts early at Espana station. Jun Sanchez is the first to arrive and he is seen here talking to David Xuereb from Sydney.

One of the new DMUs stop at Espana on a service to Bicutan.

David has a good inspection of railfan favourite 902 at Tayuman shed.

5009 and 919 awaited outside the shed, the later having arrived from Binan in the morning.

A rare survivor during the recent scrappings is CMC-382, a carriage that is in surprisingly good condition for its class type. The yellow 'H' is just a Photoshop dream of mine that I hope comes true.

David has a look through 7A-2014.

A local shopper outside the former Tutuban station, now converted into a mall.

Railfans enjoying a ride to Blumentritt with the regular travellers.

A rather sad looking Abad Santos signalbox awaiting some TLC.
This has since become covered in election posters for the many different presidential hopefuls later in the year.

Inside Abad Santos and a lovely old frame is found to still exist.

Rodney catches me photographing the group :-)

Sollis Signalbox

Natural enemies meet at Triangulo.

A long wait before the first afternoon train would take us from Blumentritt to Paco to inspect the old Paco railway station. Probably worthwhile with a renewed push to sell the land and airspace around the failed Paco Mall project.

More photos from this and other days during February will be coming soon.


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