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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"We decided to mark that which we could hope to
preserve in our lifetime"
Quote: Jaime Tiongson!

An interesting quote recieved yesterday during upset following
the showing of these shots.
So all that can be preserved in this persons lifetime is a few freight wagons and the dormatory car? Perhaps the observation car after a panic trip south.
Not even just three historic Madras cars could be done on
the very cheap labour available there?
Perhaps the last MCBP which was still in good condition and stored inside could have been easily kept?
Then there was the favourite of some local members, 7A-129 and 130.
Nobody seems to even know the status of the last two sleeping car survivors, perhaps even parts of them show in ther photos below.
Seems also an interesting quote as this reason was not an important concern when the 'H' program commenced on its very small scale. Plans were even mentioned of going to Caloocan to mark these cars, my being asked to come along and identify which should be kept.
Now we are left with the dormatory car, the observation car, the very important Marcos car (I hope), a number of 7As (many in far worse condition than the 7Es at scrapping and some modern day NR types.
The first three are indeed historically important, some very much so, but what about the every day items? The ones that Mr and Mrs
Filipino once travelled on and can relate to?
Suppose the next time we see them will be at the big roundhouse in the sky.
What about the people in the 'next lifetime' who would have had more time to restore these important items. Won't they be rightly pissed?
This is my personal view and does not reflect that of the PRHS, or any of its members, whether or not they already agree with what I say.
This is not aimed at any society, more so the comments of an individual who tried to explain his inaction that lead to this event.


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