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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome To Sad News Day!

Oh well, it seems the inevitable has come.
When will the Philippine people be able to enjoy the transport service they deserve without all the rubbish that any major project seems to attract there.


--- Jem --- said...

Never seen this train pics before, i only ride the blue & yellow line. i never thought that train history in philippines is really interesting. Would love to see this trains and take a picture of it,personally. Thanks for sharing.


Has the damamged bridge just north of PNR Calamba Station finally been repaired? About high time they did something about it; when I was growing up in the Philippines I recall the previous PNR managements back then would have repaied damaged bridges and lines back to normal in a month at the most depending on where the damage took place. And this bridge is not in the Bicol or Quezon areas but on the southern end of the Metro Manila area.