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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Like To Chat And Make Friends?

Check out all the chat forums run by the SIG, we talk about more than trains.
Come by and join us for a chat about each groups relevant topic - we always look forwad to meeting new people and you can never really have enough friends :-)

The original group and main home of the Philippine Railways SIG members.
Chat about any aspect of railways in the Philippines, heavy and light, historic and current.

Got any photos of Philippine railway topics you would like to share. Show them here and discuss other peoples efforts.

Jeepnies - Taxis - Buses - Ferries - Aircraft
For those who have a transport interest away from trains.

Interested in modelling any aspect of the Philippins, in any scale. Trains, planes, streetscapes etc. Come swap ideas or discuss latest projects here.

A place for people in the Philippines and Australia and genrally talk about anything, make friends and have a laugh.

For all the latest updates on this blogsite.

Talking about railways in other parts of Asia. Group does not include the Philippines.

Philippine Aswang
Myths - Ghostly Encounters - Filipino Beliefs
If this is of interest yto you please join us in some discussion.
A brand new group that will be slow at first.


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