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Monday, March 24, 2008

Previous Entries - Updates and Corrections!

Morning everyone,
Trust all readers had a terrific Easter period. We did the usual things that go with this event, visiting friends and family, the usual feasts and, for those stuck in Sydney, attended the Royal Easter Show.
Alas now the evil dark cloud that is work looms ahead, waiting to envelope one with the usual sad feeling of normality again.
Still every dollar (well peso) brings me a step closer to returning to the Philippines and seeing family and friends again. Despite the asawa believing my only reason for going is railway related.

Anyway, suppose I should terminate the rabbiting on and get to the post.

I have received some limited correspondence from the RIHSPI group regarding my recent Philippine Railway update and the comment on possible locomotive preservation outside of the Philippines. This later entry was meant to be more of a 'food for thought' type of entry designed to motivate.

Firstly I must apologise to the RIHSPI who believe I have given the impression that they are doing nothing.
As with anyone covering any subject, I can only report on the information I receive. I refuse to get to the journalistic level of inventing stuff for the sake of it :-)
I wish it to be known to all readers that the SIG supports all the efforts of this group and this is why we continue to include them in all reports, if for no other reason but to let the world know they are there.
I've in the past offered a way to raise money down here in Australia, so the support has, in the past, gone well beyond just written text on a blog site. I do encourage anyone who can spare some dollars/pesos/pounds/yen to help the guys out with their efforts, perhaps even identifying exactly where you want the money spent should you have a specific area of interest.
I recently made an offer to the president (is that the term used there?) of the group to put full details regarding where and how people could donate to the society on the SIG blogsite.
There was sadly no response, so I suggest emailing them direct for details on how to contribute money. If anyone finds out I would like to hear from you please.

I am indeed very happy to be able to report that members recently have held meetings with:

* Management of Hanjin (the company currently rebuilding the railway as part of the Linkage Project)
* The new manager of MRT7.

While the following events have also happened:

* Invitation to attend a Philippine railways history presentation.
* Group trip to Hondagua to inspect, amongst other things, the surviving observation car identified here on the SIG forum. (Apparently we can work in together :-) ).

These updates were given courtesy of Jaime from the RIHSPI. Many thanks for this mate.
We shall continue to report regularly on this, and other, exciting railway projects around the Philippines to the best of our ability. Any reports on any rail related project is very welcome for inclusion and your efforts will be acknowledged.

Best wishes to all

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